Country Project Part B -International Business


Country Analysis Project: Part B With the countries you analyzed in Part A, please answer the questions below and turn in to Canvas by Sunday, July 28th, 2019 by 11:59EST. PLEASE NOTE: The countries you choose for Part A will be the countries you refer to through Parts A, B, and C. If, for some reason, information is not available for one of your chosen countries at the websites cited by a particular question, please choose another country to answer that question, and NOTIFY ME and MAKE NOTE in the Project of the CHANGE. This Project is worth 74 points. I will run the submissions through an anti-plagiarism software. Failure to reference the websites or any other research will result in a grade reduction of 8 points in your project score. Please include the tables provided by the websites! Failure to do so will result in half the points being subtracted from your grade. Last but not least, please place your name as a header inside the file. This makes it easier for me to grade and causes less confusion for you in the future. Failure to do this may result in points (- 5) being subtracted from your grade. Trade and Investment (40 points)

1. Using the website, or other web resources, research the trade statistics of both of your countries. Provide the tables and a brief explanation of the trade statistics for each country. Directions:

i. Go to ii. Click on the “Global Insights” tab.

iii. Select “By Country” iv. Click on “Global Comparator.” v. Click on “Next” under “Latest data available.”

vi. Click on “Trade and Investment.” vii. Click for the following 5 data observations:

1. Foreign direct investment, net (BoP, current US$) 2. Exports of goods and services (current US$) 3. Imports of goods and services (current US$) 4. Merchandise imports (current US$) 5. Merchandise exports (current US$)

viii. Click “Next” and then select your two countries (not the US). ix. Click “Compare” x. Please copy the table that appears and place it in your assignment.

Directions continued:

b. Using the above directions, explain Country 1 (10 points or 2 points per data point) and

c. Using the above directions, explain Country 2 (10 points or 2 points per data point).

2. Using the countries you chose in Part A, perform a Google search and site a national comparative advantage each of those countries in the global market. Please reference your work!

a. Country 1 (5 points) and b. Country 2 (5 points).

3. Explain the firms and the industry that create that comparative advantage. a. Country 1 (5 points) and b. Country 2 (5 points).

Political Risk (34 points) 4. Follow the directions below.

a. Go to the following World Bank webpage,,

b. Click on “Interactive data access” c. Click the tab “Table View” d. Select your two countries and read the political risk report for your countries. e. Copy and paste the entire table into your project. (If your country is not available,

choose another country.) f. Explain the six factors of the World Bank’s Worldwide Governance Indicators.

(12 points) g. Compare and contrast the primary sources of political and legal risk for your

countries. h. Explain Country 1’s scores (5 points) and i. Explain Country 2’s scores (5 points).

Country Project Part B Rubric Names: Countries:

1. Trade and Investment Possible Points

a. Explain Country 1 in terms of 5 data 10 b. Explain Country 2 in terms of 5 data 10

2. Comparative Advantage a. Explain Country 1 comparative 5

advantage (CA) b. Explain Country 2 comparative 5

advantage (CA) 3. Firms and Industries a. Country 1 - Firms and industry for 5

comparative advantage b. Country 2 - Firms and industry for 5

comparative advantage Total Trade and Investment 40

4. Country Risk f. Explain the 6 factors of the World Bank's 12

Worldwide Governance Indicators (WGI) i. Compare and Contrast the primary sources of political risk in both

countries 12 j. Explain Country 1’s scores 5 k. Explain Country 2's scores 5

Total Country Risk 34 Failure to reference -8 Failure to insert tables -31 Up to one week late -7 After one week late -31 Failure to place names in the digital file -5 Total Part B 74