Ashford University | BUS340 FINAL PAPER[MUSIC PLAYING]

Congratulations. You've made it to the end of week five. I'm Dr. Alan Swank, an associate professor in the bachelor of arts in business leadership program. I'm excited to tell you about this final assignment. You'll be writing a business proposal persuading the senior management of your organization to initiate a change in process, procedures, products, people, or structure based on events that are currently happening in your business environment.You may also use your experience with a past company, if applicable. You'll be writing a six to seven page paper,not including title or reference pages. This paper will focus on using material covered in your course lessons to craft a business proposal designed to persuade organizational leadership to accept a recommended change.There are four bulleted elements in the assignment that will help you develop your paper. The content and format of the paper are based on the context of your recommended change initiative. The assigned reading material will help you organize the paper's content. You should thoroughly read the assigned material, then take time to think about the paper's organization and create an outline.I recommend at this point creating your APA-formatted headings. For more information on APA formatting, Isuggest visiting the Ashford Writing Center. The link is located in the left navigation menu in your classroom. Thenat the end of your paper, remember to use the heading conclusion. As a best practice, do not start your conclusion with the phrase in conclusion. If you are pleased with the outcome of this paper, please upload it into your Portfolium account. Good luck with this assignment