digestive system


Anatomy and Physiology of the Digestive System


· Identify the anatomical structures of the digestive system and their functions

· Explain the physiology of digestion through the system

Assignment Overview

This exercise helps students understand the anatomical structures of the digestive system


Annotated diagram of the digestive system

Step 1 Draw a diagram.  (It is OK to take a diagram from the internet and label it.)

Using the drawing tools provided by your word-processing program, draw a diagram that traces the pathway and physiological processes of a bite of food through the digestive system. Annotate each step in the digestive process with a brief paragraph describing what happens in the step.

Be sure to include ALL the following topics:

· The organs of the digestive system  (This includes the alimentary canal AND the accessory organs of digestion)

· The actions of the digestive system

· Propulsion

· Absorption

· Chemical digestion

· Mechanical d