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Assignment 3- Submittals, Samples & Shop Drawings Name:

Case 1: Architects’ Administration

This project is a $4Million elementary school remodel that was bid lump sum. There are numerous conflicts in the documents, many of which are associated with matching new to existing work. The project manager for the general construction firm has become frustrated with the lack of paperwork from the architect. The architect appears to have run out of construction administration funds. Some of the problems and responses to request for support are listed below.

· Responses to the RFI process include: “I don’t want a written question, just give me a call”

· The architect will answer written RFI’s with a verbal

· He will not meet in the field and review actual conditions

· Written responses quite often just indicate “see the plans or specifications”

· Submittals are late being returned and they often do not include any disposition

· The architect misses many weekly construction meetings, showing up at some late and leaving others early

· He never brings his meeting notes and does not acknowledge ever receiving them

· He is also not reviewing change orders in a prompt fashion

What should the project manager do to resolve this issue? What could the school have done to prevent this from happening? What risks do both the general contractor and the school incur if this situation is left unchecked? What risks does the architectural firm incur?


Case 2: Brick Mockup

The architect for this brick facility had specified the requirement for a full-scale mockup of all the exterior closure elements around a window. This involved four different subcontractors and approximately 10 different types of materials, Are mock-ups an active or passive quality control technique? Are they submittals? How long should a mockup remain intact on the site? The general contractor on this project attempted to value engineer the mockup out of the project. IS this an example of active or passive quality control? Why would they want to delete the mockup? The brick mason used their two best foremen to build the mockup. Was this a good idea? Who should build mockups? Later, both the foremen moved on to other projects. The subcontractor had difficult time repeating the level of quality established in the mockup. The architect prepared a punch list before the mockup was accepted so that the contractor could continue work. Was the designer’s intent for this mockup fulfilled on this project?