Psychotherapy with individual


Running Head :Week 7 Follow Up 2

Week 7 Follow Up :2

Week 7 Follow Up

NURS-6640N Psychotherapy Individual

April 15, 2019

Part 1-Progress Note

Progress Note

The patient who is a 50-year-old African American woman; currently works in a corporation as a high-ranking business woman. She finds it hard to motivate herself to take her medication at times. The patient discussed with her doctors that for the past 3 months she’s been suffering from low energy, apathy, hopelessness, disinterest in activeness that she loves such as writing and insomnia. She reports that the symptoms begin soon after a death of a friend and have worsened over time to the point her performance at her job suffers and her coworkers are concerned.

Treatment Modality used and Efficacy of approach:

Motivational Interviewing: The lack of motivation due to the depression is causing the patient to not completely adhere to the medication. In order further progress, emotional interviewing was needed to help the patient. MI is an effective form of communication when it comes to issues like non-adherence to medication treatment due to its collaborative properties. MI involves both the patient and the psychiatrist to be on the same page when it comes to treatment. (Arehart-Trichel, 2012).

Efficacy of approach: After MI, the patient was able to adhere to her treatment plan.

Progress toward mutually agreed-upon client goals: Due to the motivational interviewing, the patient with the help of her loved ones, was able to keep up with the treatment. One thing that the patient does to motivate herself, was to write a journal entry every week about a thing that made her happy or tracking down negative thoughts. This was an activity that and the psychiatrist agreed on.

Modification of the treatment plan based on …