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Name: Adlin Polanco

Professor: Kim D. Felsenthal, Ph.D.

Course: Psychology of Adjustment, SOC 1123

Date: 2/05/2018

All about me

I asked my parents to describe me and what they thought about my character. My dad said that he liked that I am hardworking and always thinking about my future. My mother thinks I am sweet and admires me because I always try to put on a smile. Three of my friends say that I am an outgoing person, sociable, likable and fun to be around. Most of them had good things to say about me. One of them said I am very competitive. Of course, some of these responses could be biased or a little insincere since I assume none of these people would want to hurt me in any way. However, I still believe that their thoughts about me could not be far from the truth. Personally, I think I am a very ambitious individual. I reflect a lot about my future. I want to be successful both in school and out of it. I always try to be positive even when being faced with challenges. I agree with most of my friends’ responses.

For instance, I agree when one of them said that I am very hardworking and competitive. This is true because I do not like losing, be at my job, schoolwork or fun activities, I always try to win. I do not completely agree when my friends say that I am always kind and outgoing. Being an incredibly ambitious person, sometimes I tend to push away the closest people in my life so that I can dedicate some time for myself and my son. I usually use this time to reflect on my dreams and how I am going to achieve them and what I will be able to offer to my son’s future.

I believe that it is completely normal for someone to want to improve themselves. I do it with good intentions. I do not do it intentionally to harm anyone, and sometimes I feel guilty whenever I decline my friends’ request to hang out so that I can work on myself but still believe that they understand and appreciate me and those who hasn’t stick around were not meant to be in my life.

My ideal self is a person who always strives to achieve what I desire but still dedicates time for friends, family and other people close to me. My ideal self is a person who is successful, trusting, tender, thoughtful, humble, determined, trustworthy and wise. Also, I desire to be tougher whenever I face challenges since I tend to think that I am a little sensitive. I would very much like to embody these character traits. I think that there is a lot of work to be done to achieve my ideal self but still, think that I am not far-flung.

My social identities vary. For instance, I am a member of a women association club. I am also a member of the parent’s club at my son’s school. Being members of these social groups has helped me improve my sense of worth, social skills and also meet relatives that I never met back in my country. I have different labels when it comes to different social groups. For example, as team leader at the women association club, I identify myself as a leader and someone to look up to for advice or motivation. When I am with friends, I always make people laugh and have fun. As a result, I perceive myself as a person whom people always want to be around. This is how I perceive myself depending on which group of people I spend time with.

As mentioned earlier, I am sociable and love to spend time with people. Eventhough, I rather spend time with my son, I still manage to squeeze in enough time for my friends. I easily make friends. My social-self helps me get along with many people. Therefore, my social-self helps me find help whenever I need it. I, however, find myself in trouble sometimes.. Having many people around, means that I must always strive to be there when they need me just as I would like for them to be there for me. Having said this, I feel obliged to say yes to people even when I want to say no. I believe if I could sum up enough courage to say no, then I would have more time to spend reading or on research work.

A central trait I possess is honesty. This, however, does not mean that I always tell the truth. Just like any other person, sometimes I lie when it is convenient. This affects me both positively and negatively in many aspects. I think that I should always tell the truth even when it does not favor me. Another common trait I have is courtesy. This has improved my performance at work with customers and co-workers.

A Meyers-Briggs online personality test stated that I have an adventurous ISFP personality trait. While I agree with most of the results, I disagree with the adventurous part. Although I am a sociable and outgoing person, I tend to feel most comfortable in surroundings that are more familiar to me. I also prefer spending time with my old friends rather than meeting new friends. This would explain why I am always nervous whenever I move into a new neighborhood or have to change jobs. Being adventurous would hinder my performance at work since I always take time trying to adjust to new surroundings or people.

I cannot say that I suffer from low self-esteem. Similarly, it would be false to say that I have high self-esteem. I fall under more under moderate self-esteem since I am neither a narcissist nor an altruist. This has made learning more successful for me since I work well with both teachers and students. I have a multimodal learning preference. My VARK learning style is visual and Kinesthetic. I tend to learn better when it involves visual aspects such as pictures, charts and practical exercises, examples and trial, that when writing. Knowing this will help me to incorporate visual, and practical aspects in my studying strategies in order to improve my understanding capabilities and memory as well.

Self-fulfilling prophecies have affected my expectations towards various subjects. I always expect to do well in math, which I do now. This has helped me gain positive attitudes towards Math, a subject I used to dislike. Something I can improve to achive my goal to graduation is to find more time to read and study, so I can do better on my exams.

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