Abstract & Poster

abstracts and posters should conform these guidelines.

Instructions for the Extended Abstract & Poster

The participant will submit their extended abstract and poster using the same format specified by the EMS conference. The 2019 EMS conference specifies the format as follows:

For poster submissions, we invite research projects that are in-progress. Posters can be comprised of research ideas, new theoretical perspectives, pilot data, and so forth. The primary difference between a poster submission and paper submission is the ‘completeness’ of the research. Posters are still in-progress. Posters are a great way to gain valuable insight from your peers in executive doctoral programs and faculty experts.


· A 1000 words (or less) extended abstract

· Times New Roman 12-point font

· Submissions must be submitted in electronic form (Word format only)

· Must clearly state research question(s)

· Must clearly state the status of the research (since posters are generally in-progress research pieces)

· A complete draft of your poster: This is a single PPT slide (see example PPT slide)

· Key references to support the research

· Figures, tables, and appendices as needed

· The official language of the conference is English

Instructions for the Poster

Alternative PowerPoint poster layouts are provided. Participants may also choose to adopt their own poster design. The templates come with the following sections:

· Introduction or abstract: Should contain a short overview of the proposed research.

· Objectives: Should explicitly state the research question or questions, then indicate the specific objectives of the potential research.

· Theory: Should outline the theory or conceptual schemes driving the research. You are encouraged to include graphics (such as diagrams) where appropriate.

· Method: Should describe the approach to be taken in the research.

· Initial Findings (optional): Should summarize any preliminary findings from earlier research, if they are available; otherwise, the section should be omitted. You are encouraged to use tables and charts where available. (These are often included as graphics).

· Potential Impact: Should highlight the potential impacts of the findings. These impacts may either refer to your organization, the research community or (ideally) both. The emphasis should be on how your present and future findings could impact business practice, justifying the importance of what you are doing.

· References: Should contain references made in the other sections of the project. Since no reference format is specified by EMS, we encourage you to use APA.

· Acknowledgments or Contact: You are encouraged to include your contact information and even a short bio here. You may also acknowledge support. Feel free to change the title to something appropriate.

The relative size of each section in the templates is up to the participant. Sections may also be retitled to make them more appropriate for the specific type of research being proposed, provided a correspondence to the non-optional items can be determined by the poster’s readers. For example, you might choose to change “Objectives” to “Research Questions” then include objectives in the “Potential Impact” section.