Discussion: Multiple Regression


6210 Week 9 Discussion: How To Complete The Discussion Requirement

Review the Week 9 Course Materials

Use the data set dataset for this Discussion

Be sure to submit your SPSS Output to the Discussion Board along with your analysis.

Identify 2 independent variables (IV1 and IV2) and their Level of Measurement. The IV1 and IV2 can be interval, ratio, nominal, or ordinal.

Identify the dependent variable (DV) and its Level of Measurement. The DV must be interval or ratio.

Write a research question for multiple regression. Use this format:

What is the relationship between IV1 and IV2s (state the IVs) and the DV (state the DV)?

Write the null hypothesis. Use this format:

-There is no relationship between IV1 and IV2 and the DV.

State the research design.

Use SPSS to answer the research question. Here’s how:

1. Open the GSS data set, select Analyze, select Regression, Select Linear, drag IV1 and IV2 into the Independent(s) box and the DV into the Dependent box, and click OK.

2. Review the Sig. value in the SPSS Output under ANOVA and decide to reject or fail to reject the null hypothesis.

3. If you reject the null and determine that the ANOVA is statistically significant, report and explain the effect size. Effect size is found under R square in the Model Summary.

4. If you fail to reject the null hypothesis, select new variables and repeat 1-3 steps above.

Write the regression equation. Here’s how:

Examine the Coefficients output and identify the Constant value under Unstandardized Coefficients in column B and the coefficient values for IV1 and IV2 directly below the Constant value. Write your regression equation in this format:

DV = Constant value + IV1(coefficient value) + IV2(coefficient value), but substitute the names of IV1, IV2 and the DV and the actual Constant value and coefficient value for IV1 and IV2. Here’s an example:

If Socioeconomic Status is the DV, Age is IV1 and Highest Degree is IV2, then your equation could look like this:

Socioeconomic status = 15 + (.114)(Age) + (11.3)(Highest Degree)

Do not use these numbers. Do your own calculations.