The data that I have researched to show that there is a problem regarding raising cases of homicide is obtained from the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIRS). This database contains information of all the homicide incidents reported to police. The study has the assumption that all homicide crimes have been reported. The second source of data is using previously research article through conducting a systematic review of published work.

The sources of data for this research is a crime and research databases. These databases contain crime data in the form of national statistics. The data for the research is obtained directly from the National Incident-Based Reporting System (NIRS). Data from this system has not been analysed and is considered raw data (Bierie, 2015). The NIRS is considered an advanced system of Uniform Crime Reporting System. The NIRS contain all information about arrests and crime arrested for. The data has information regarding the victims and their relationship with the offenders, the crimes committed, injuries obtained, the weapons used, the location of the crimes and the type of weapons used (Bierie, 2015). For this study, the NIRS database is considered having adequate crime data that can be used in responding to the objectives of the current investigation.

The second source of data is the systematic review of previous researchers. Previous researchers contained analysed data specific to difference researcher objective. Systematic review data are specific to issues of concern (Alves et al., 2015). Data from the systematic review will also assist in developing a specific topic of inquiry through the study’s gap identification.

For the currently proposed study, the chosen data sources are specific to incidents and comparing these incidents to understanding the crime and its fuller impact in the society. Combined agency and scholarly research help in understanding homicide trends so that adequate crime mitigation strategies can be achieved.


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