You choose subject, audience, length and form


First Writing Assignment

An Exercise in Precision, Focus, Decision-making, Details, among other things

Part I

1. List 10 people you’ve known for a long time

2. List 5 people you’ve met recently

3. List 3 people you like and/or admire

4. List 3 people you find annoying, difficult, or worse

5. List any number of those who do something you find interesting

6. List any number of those you consider to be mentors

7. List those you like to be with

8. List those you would like to know better

9. List anyone you recall from long ago

10. Do you have a favorite childhood friend?

11. Do you have a favorite teacher?

12. Is there anyone who was a part of your life only briefly, but left a lasting impression?

Note: some may appear in more than one of your lists.

13. Take some time to think about the people on your lists

14. As you look over your lists, which three people come to the forefront of your thoughts? List


15. Without stopping and without thinking too hard, write about the first one for five minutes.

Repeat for the other two.

16. Take a five minute break.

At any point, you may replace any of these potential subjects for your first paper with someone

else. If you do, apply some or all of the following to your new subject.

17. Read what you wrote. How do these people make you feel? What do they make you

remember? In the next ten minutes, summarize these thoughts.

18. Put them in the order of 1-3, with 1 being the most likely subject for your first paper.

19. Some questions to consider: do you have enough emotional distance to write about this

person? Is the subject too immediate? Too distant?

20. Look again at the order. Do you think you want to write about #1? #2? #3? Or someone


Part II

1. At the top of a clean sheet of paper, write the name of your selection

2. List five personality traits you associate …