5-2 Assignment Recon.


Intelligence Report (Executive Summary)

Tina Copes

Instructor Jared Browne

CJ468 Intelligence and Surveillance

March 19, 2019

Intelligence Report


Sources used

1. Intelligence report from North-East Florida Fusion Center

Date: 27th-30th August 2019

North-East Florida Fusion Center

2. Intelligence report from Central Florida Intelligence Exchange (CFIX)

Date: 4th September 2019

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP)

3. Intelligence report from HQ US NORTHCOM Force Protection

Date: 14th September 2019

US NORTHCOM Force Protection

Intelligence Report

The targets are 3 men who are all wanted men for several crimes in the U.S. and around the world. The first is one Noor Aziz Uddin, a 50 year old wanted man wanted for international telecommunication schemes that defrauded individuals, companies and governments. It was also complicit with a criminal organization that extends into Euro-Asia such as Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Singapore, Switzerland, Spain, Italy and Malaysia. He is also reported to have a sister-in-law who resides in Phoenix, Arizona. The second target is Sun Kailiang who is an officer in Unit 61398 of the 3rd Department of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) and is wanted for carrying out cyber-attacks that targeted a nuclear power plant and 6 U.S. companies. The final target is one Adam Gadahn who is a 28 year old Californian wanted of federal charges of treason and abetting a terrorist group by making propaganda videos for support of Al-Qaeda. Earlier reports on the 29th of May record an unusual purchase of large quantities of fertilizer out of Henderson, Nevada, with irregularities in the payment procedure by Mr. Gadahn (Northeast Florida Fusion Center, 2019).

On June 17th 2019, the International Mail Facility in Miami, Florida, located pictures of the Hoover Dam sent from a town in the outskirts of Islamabad, Pakistan. These were addressed to Ms. Mary Lou, the identified sister-in-law to Mr. Noor Aziz Uddin. The target group was identified when they entered the lobby of a casino in Las Vegas, Nevada at around 1600hrs on August 25th. The three men have never been spotted together before and this was their first sighting as a group (CFIX & Exchange, 2019). Their suspicious behavior caught the attention of the bartender who, alongside security, made sure to keep close tabs on the trio and managed to collect some evidence during their stay and after their departure at 1740hrs on the same day. Tennessee Valley Authority reported a solo white male to be taking photos for an extended length of time on September the 30th. On December 4th, a video feed was intercepted which featured Sun Kailiang that speaks of brothers of all color uniting for a cause and a great day for the world that is soon dawning. References to the season of giving for the Christians was also referenced in the call. LAPD made contact with Mr. Gadahn where they issued him a ticket for running a red light. He was driving a 1999 international 3 ton white truck with a dent on the front quarter panel (USNorthcomm Force Protection, 2019).

According to the Intelligence reports gathered, the following executive summary is made:

There is a possible attack planned on the Hoover Dam in Florida. This is inferred from the repetitive mention of the term “dam” in their first meeting at the Casino lobby. It is further corroborated by the images sent by Noor to his sister-in-law in Phoenix, Arizona, and the reports of the lone white man taking photos over an extended period of time. The attack could possibly be a bomb attack on the dam with the intent to cause damage to the lives and property in the surrounding areas. This is supported by the large quantities of fertilizer acquired by Gadahn as well as the barrels that Gadahn was in possession of in the truck he was stopped in by the LAPD as fertilizer is a requisite in the making of a number of “home-made”/ self-made explosives. The attack is expected during the period of the Christmas holidays. This is supported by the intercepted video feed where Mr. Sun Kailiang on December 4th. Owing to this, there is a need to put a high alert on the targets with a “SEVERE” threat level on the Security Advisory System. This is due to the potential threat level in terms of possible damage by the attack as well as the short time period left before the date of the possible attack being Christmas and the current date of this report’s conception being past the 4th of December.

Surveillance and Reconnaissance Plan

It is of utmost importance to keep the targets under a keen watchful eye to make sure their planned attack does not materialize. The SR plan must also be incognito so as to not provoke the targets into executing ulterior or alternate plans to compensate. The process must also be done legally to ensure the prosecution of offenders is not stalled by legal procedure on the legality of surveillance process (Types of Surveillance in Criminal Investigations, 2018).

The proposed SR plan aims to combine two surveillance techniques; fixed surveillance and electronic monitoring. Fixed surveillance is essential for this as it is dependent on the close monitoring of the targets’ activities from a set position. This can be done via setting up surveillance in a vehicle around the target bases or in this case can even require the need to set up the surveillance in a neighboring house. Two-person surveillance is best for its allowance of officers to relieve each other of duty and keep watch over the targets in shifts.

Electronic monitoring in this case will allow the officers to intercept communication between the targets. This has been employed once before in the interception on the Sun Kailiang video feed and resulted in the acquisition of very important information. This can very well keep the officers steps ahead of the targets and ensure the operation’s success in curbing the attack as useful information such as time of the attack can be founded. It may also provide evidence that can be used at prosecution. For this to be legal, a court order is required before it can be launched.


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