due today..... child development...... please read first


Cerritos College CD 110: Child Growth and Development

Child’s Name _____________________ Your Name ________________________

Date Completed: _______

Case Study Questions

Use Chapters 11, 12, 13 from the textbook to answer these questions

Tell us how old your child is (must be between 6 and 12 years old) _______

Describe your child’s extracurricular activities. Give specific examples (Pg. ________)

What are your child’s multiple intelligences according to Howard Gardner? (Pg. _________)

Just choose two or three as strengths.

The Intelligence


Example of Your Persona Child Using that Intelligence








Describe your child’s achievements in concrete operational thought. (Pg. ________)

Give an example of how your child uses “classification” (Pg. ________)

Give an example of how your child uses “seriation” (Pg. _______)

What is your child’s self-concept? How would they describe themselves? (Pg. _______)

What is your family structure….nuclear, single parent, stepparent, extended, etc. (Pg. ___)

What kinds of things do you do together as a family as your child enters this next stage of industry vs inferiority? (Pg. ________)

Describe your child’s friends. How are these friends chosen? (Pg _________)

Give an example of a moral dilemma that your child might face (seeing a friend cheat on a test, seeing someone getting bullied, stealing money, etc). How do you think they would respond? What level are they functioning according to Kohlberg? (Pg __________)

There is a handout that lists some special circumstances from which you can choose from or you can come up with your own. Think about the following questions: How will you deal with this circumstance? How will you evaluate what to do next? What community resources might you utilize? What would be the best course of action?