week 1 -505


Chamberlain College of Nursing Threaded Discussion Rubric Core Courses

Threaded Discussion:

Assignment Guidelines with Scoring Rubric


The purpose of required threaded discussions is an interactive dialogue among instructors and students to assist the student in organizing, integrating, applying and critically appraising one’s knowledge regarding the nursing profession and selected area of practice. Scholarly information obtained from current sources as well as professional communication is required. Application of information to professional experiences promotes the analysis and use of principles, knowledge and information learned and related to real-life professional situations. Interactive dialogue among instructors and peers foster the development of a learning community as ideas, perspectives and knowledge is shared.

Due Date: First initial posting to the required threaded discussion topic is due by Wednesday, 11:59 pm MT. Peer and instructor responses are due by Sunday 11:59 pm MT. All posts for week 8 are due by the close of class on Saturday 11:59 pm MT. Please note that the late assignment policy does not apply to the threaded discussions.

Total Points Possible: Varies with course, please see specific course syllabus. These guidelines are for a required threaded discussion worth 50 points. Please note that week 8 will be worth only 25 points.


Description of the Assignment

1. Initial posting: This is defined to be the initial post in which the student responds to the

required threaded discussion topic. The first posting by a student within the required

discussion area is considered to be the initial posting and will be evaluated using the rubric

criteria. Scholarship in communication is expected. Required scholarly source(s) provide

specific information that thoroughly address the required topic. For the initial posting,

one …