summer project


Final Project: PowerPoint Slide/Voice Presentation and Paper


Each student will be responsible for developing, designing, and presenting a professional development seminar on a topic previously selected at the beginning of the class. Each student will instruct the class about the topic digitally through PowerPoint slides and voice-over narration. The seminar should take approximately 20 minutes to complete, including time for de-briefing and potential Q&A after the seminar (by encouraging thought-provoking questions for the audience to consider).

A suggested format for the seminar includes:

· Subject Matter/Topic

· Why the Topic Important for Those in the Mental Health Field

· Essential Questions to Consider Related to the Topic

· De-brief and Reflective Implications of the Topic

All seminars should be self-contained and not require any outside reading by the rest of the class. Students will provide the instructor with a 3 page paper citing the importance of this topic to the field of mental health, why it was chosen, what real-world problems it could likely address, and how you might go about introducing this concept or technique in an organization/institution. Submit as a Word Doc attachment and send the slides/voice-over presentation (if you have trouble uploading it to Canvas) to my university email: [email protected]

Due Date for Slide/Voice Presentation: July 18th (upload to Canvas Discussion Post #11, if you have trouble, then send to my [email protected] email as a Microsoft PPT and I’ll upload it for you.

Due Date for 3-page paper related to presentation: August 8th. Upload paper to Assignment Tab by due date as a Word Document Attachment.

Discussion Post #11: Each student will read, review, critique, and comment on the presentations by August 1st.

Final Grades must be submitted by August 15th by me.