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  • Group Service Project Individual Reflection

    · Why: Describe the mission of the organization your team served at and explain why you selected the nonprofit organization you worked with? …

  • Candidates are requested to provide in perfect English a one page (min 250 words) personal statement describing their interest, what they expect to gain from the program, what qualities they …

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  • Assignment

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    Be sure to reference resources as appropriate.

    • 1. What is the significance of the Older American's Act? How are funds distributed? What kinds of services are offered, and who …

  • revision essay about an essay already done, there is a picture with the essay and the corrections and another one with the instructions on how to do it properly, All of my essays are revised trough …

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  • You have 7 days to write. Please read the instruction carefully, and take it serious.

    Below in the attachment have the guidelines for what you need to write.

    It requires you to write 10 pages …

  • please ,answer based on the book

  • Topic

    You are required to complete TWO advertising or promotional IMC items for your barbershop

    Subject Area

    PowerPoint Presentation

    No.of pages/Wordcount

    3 page(s)/825 Words


  • Instructions:

    For your final paper you will write a research and argumentative paper over a particular topic that is of interest to you. This topic must be one that is somewhat ethical …

  • This is a final exam. Everythings must be in your own words. Some questions you will not be able to answer such as 4,5,9 and 15. I am looking for a Social work major/ professo. The …

  • Paper is due by Saturday noon.

  • In this course, you will be asked to select one case study and to use it throughout the entire course. By doing this, you will have the opportunity to see how theories guide your view of a …

  • Theories help frame more than presenting problems—they also frame social problems, and both types of problems can be linked in relation to client issues. For example, many scholars and social …

  • Post a blog post that includes:

    • An explanation of potential challenges in adhering to confidentiality in your field education experience(internship)
    • A description of agency policies or …