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  • Option 1:

    Imagine you received this email from one of your friends.


    I know you're in a health administration program at University of Phoenix. I was thinking about enrolling in it too, but I'm …

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  • Write a brochure that gives parents and caregivers very concrete and specific suggestions for helping a child understand death. Give tips for adults who will be helping a child cope with the bereav …

  • The is paper is about Confucianism on my Asian Behavior class. You can make any thesis statement you interest. The argument could like: how Confucianism is/ isn't a religion? Or how Confucianism …

  • Write an essay reviewing what role have women played in the development of Science/ Engineering and

    technology. How has technological change affected the roles of women and ideas of gender? 8-9 …

  • Details/Supporting docs attached

    Due by Tuesday 12/4 @ 9 pm US EST

  • Identify a list of 10 peer reviewed social work journals from the library that you might find helpful relative to your social work practice interests.

    In a 100-150 word paragraph, discuss why using …

  • 1.van Tilburg, Theo. 1998. “Losing and Gaining in Old Age: Changes in Personal Network Size and Social Support in a Four-Year Longitudinal Study.” Journal of Gerontology: Social …

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  • Due by 12/5 @ 9 pm US EST

    5 full pages (not including references) / double spaced/ 1 inch margins/ AMA format-cite all sources

    Details attached

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  • Assignment #1

    Choose a musical artist (from any music era) and provide a 1-2 page summary of the background or history of the artist. Next, pick one of his or her main works (songs or …

  • Guidelines:

    1. Single-space
    2. Times New Roman
    3. Questions require 1-2 paragraphs each

    1. to describe the research topic here.
    2. Significance: Why is the research topic significant or …

  • Media and communication

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  • Need to complete the questions in the picture I uploaded, and a 7-page Paper. double spaced, 12 pt.