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  • The lesson this week suggests that the judicial branch is the least democratic branch of government, due to how federal judges are appointed.

    What are the advantages and disadvantages of …

  • Part 1: Think of an amendment that would improve the US consitutuion. (It can be a significant change or just a clarification of an existing law.)

    Part 2: Research the different views of Thomas …

  • Final Analysis Paper Instructions

    In what is considered a capstone of this course, students have the choice to write the final analysis paper on either a SPECIFIC PROJECT CASE STUDY or an ANALYSIS of …

  • Write a 10 page paper on NAFTA and USMCA including negotiation tactics and philosophy may include own opinion as well as facts on the issue. Must submit a written report on the approach, …

  • POLI 312 Fall 2018

    Capstone Assessment Assignment / Due Thursday Nov. 30 2018 11:59pm

    You are the head of a large city department serving a culturally and ethnically diverse population (including …

  • - pick one book from the following list.

    - follow directions on how to receive an A

    1. Ben Ramalingam, Aid on the Edge of Chaos: Rethinking International Cooperation in a Complex

  • Book report.

    - pick a book from the following list

    - follow the directions on how to receive an A on the book review.

    1. Gerges, A. Fawaz, Obama and the Middle East: The End of …

  • Book report on the following books.

    - pick one book

    - follow the directions on how to receive an A

  • How effective is Social Constructivism for framing the study of political questions?

  • What is fortune and how does Machiavelli advise Lorenzo de Medici to deal with it?

  • What are the different effects of marijuana on pregnant women, women, men, children, and the fetus ?

  • This is an empirical research type of paper. There needs to be data. The topic is ELECTION OF TRUMP AND THE DIVISION OF THE REPUBLICAN PARTY. I am providing an example of how the paper should be. The …

  • create a political party

  • Having read George Orwell's "Animal Farm" use no less than three tools of analysis to formulate a paper that demonstrates your understanding of the material.

    Compare and Contrast 3 chapters, …

  • We continually hear about interest groups in the news. Understanding this, what is the relationship between interest groups and government? How does this apply to government-created interest …

  • Compare and contrast single-member districts and proportional representation (PR). How effective is each electoral system in representing its people’s interests? How do they support the party …

    • 1500 words
    • Three academic sources
    • Harvard reference style