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  • Field: Political Science
    Due: in 21 hours

    1500- to 2000-word response to question after reading two articles. Instructions attached.

  • Field: Political Science
    Due: in 2 days

    Length: 2-3 pages, double-spaced, font 12 Roman

    Sources need to be cited. Any citation format.

    Choose a party and ideology. Outline your ideology and state the general principles of …

  • Field: Political Science
    Due: an hour ago

    The presentation should cover:

    I need it to be clear. I need to read from the slides. It has to has enough information and details. See the one I post as an example. Do the same layout jut on China. …

  • Field: Political Science
    Due: 3 hours ago

    Identify a quote from one of this week's readings that resonated with you. Why did you find this particular quote so impactful or noteworthy?

    *Note: Reaction posts should be approximately 2 …

  • Field: Political Science
    Due: a day ago

    Please begin the simulation by identifying the UN Security Council member state you represent (I REPRESENT CHINA), as well as your country's position, interests, needs, and values with respect …

  • Field: Political Science
    Due: 2 hours ago

    In what ways is the role of gender important in peacekeeping?