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  • The scientist is Isaac newton

    See attachment

    (My part b is social context report)

  • 10 question physics

    please don't make handshake before reading and make sure you can do it it easy physics 103 questions

    questions in attachment

  • Hello I need someone to write my physics lab report. I have done the experiment and I have find out the result but I want someone to write it. The lab report should continue:

    1. Abstract:

  • Can you do the prelab 5 in 24 hours? I want the work to be correct, clear and perfect please. I attached lab 5 in case you need it to complete the pre one.

  • Save all of your work directly to the template

  • Think about Newton’s three laws, the law of inertia, the law of motion, and the law of action-reaction. How do you see each of these laws in action in your daily life?

    Your journal entry must be at …

  • Can you help me with Mechanics. I have 2 assignments to finish by tomorrow.

  • Two sets of Pearson needed to be done by tomorrow night.

  • I need this done urgently, like within 4 hours! if you can't pull it off please refrain from taking the challenge.It's worth 5% my mark.

  • need help for the master's thesis in physics.

  • Hi,

    Here, I have 6 questions on planetary science problems, for which I would like a detailed step by step answers as soon as possible.I got exams i need to prepare for so it's urgent.please only …

  • The first writing assignment is to analyze a relevant situation or event from your life in terms of position/displacement, speed/velocity, acceleration and time. Examples might be an important …

  • Write abstract, introduction, and experimental method of this report

    abstract: adequately summarizes purpose, methods and conclusions

    Introduction: purpose and relevance

    Experimental method: …

  • general 5 question hw

  • I need tutor to write my report :

    1 -Data Sheet ( calculation and Analysis ) in attachment (page : Data )

    2-Answer Questions (3.7 in pages 23 & 24 - 3 questions)

    3- Graphs and Analysis by …