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  • deepen on the upload file and the grading sheet, to describe Stephen Hawking's Physics as a Human Endeavor (2-3 pages + references or 400 word Powerpoint+references): General biography of person (or …

  • there are two parts for this project. the first document is for part A and the second picture is for part B. u should finished the part A fisrt then write park B. PLZ read the document and the …

  • What was going on at this time in the broader world? What motivated this work? What problem was this work attempting to solve and why did it matter?

    (2-3 pages inclue references)

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  • Calculate the amount of energy that would come out of the generator if 20,000,000 BTU went into the boiler. The boiler is 81% efficient, the turbine is 43% efficient, and the generator is 98% …

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    All the information in the pics

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    Here is the answers given by the teacher.I don't know how many you got right.

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  • Lab


    Answer the following questions using on Sheet 1 on the excel.

    PI-Energy appears to NOT be conserved in the “Energy and Momentum” graph in the manual. Where did the lost energy go for …

  • I have 5 questions to find an answer

    physics 1

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  • Select and read one of the articles below:

    MacInnis, J. B. (2015). Living under the sea. Journal of Diving History, 23(85), 40-43. Retrieved from

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  • Lab2


    Please Answer the following questions based on the attached lab. Please make sure the answers are correct, logic and follow the requirements.

    11)PI: Calculate the energy transferred into/out …

  • physics class

  • Write a short paperoutlining

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  • Answer the question in the file