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  • I have three short paragraphs that i need it to be paraphrased. i need it within 6 hours.

  • My class started is after 1 hour.

    Test is in class room.. so please any physic 2 expert contact me

  • do all online homework

  • Physice lab Report

    Please use the experiment 5 as template to do a 9 pages long lab report. There is a instruction down below it and I will offer data.

  • Module 10 Power Plant Simulation Game

    No unread replies.11 reply.

    Go to this and find a combination to at least generate 50 MW safely. Take a screen shot and submit with comments on what was the …

  • Write a short essay to address one of the following questions.

    1) What were the inherent points of friction in the political relationships between France and England?

    2) Analyze the relative …

  • Participate in the Discussion Forum. Make sure to post in the following order:

    1) Post comments that address two of the questions in this week's Perry readings,.

    2) Visit the "" site. (During …

  • Do an online search for videos or articles related to the physics of blood flow in the body (sometimes called Hemodynamics). When you find one you like, post a "college-worthy" review that …

  • Directions: Please answer all of the following essay questions using any class notes, reading materials, or class discussion information.

    Question #1: Summarize the Monbiot article.

    Question …

  • What is this device made of??

  • Water solution of which one is basic?

    The coefficients needed to balance the equation C2H6 + O2 = CO2 + H2O are, respectively?

    Water solution of which one is basic?

    if u understand like those …

  • Report and presentation about Nuclear Medicine (treatment)

  • Comment on how Japan handled the nuclear problems associated with the tsunami. Is the threat over? Are people still at risk? Is the risk fully known? How can we better prepare for this again? Site …

  • 11 question physics please don't make handshake before reading and make sure you can do all question all part

    it is physics 103 questions

    questions in attachment

    i need it in 24 …

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    Write a 3 - 5 page double-spaced 12 point Arial or New Times Roman font with one inch margins paper which responds to the following:

    How systems play roles in working toward …

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  • Hello, I will be sending you a picture of my physics problem sheet at 8:25 AM EST.
    This is simple physics problems that have rotational motion, torque, momentum, spring coil, etc. This is the basic …