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  • The density of ice is 0.917 g/om'. The latent heat for melting ice is 33 1/g Let us model a sewing needle as a cylinder with a small diamcter. Provide a reasonable estimate of the cross-sectional …

  • Essay “Kepler’s Laws and its application to Earth satellites”. 2 pages at least

    due befoee 4 hours

  • Hi there,

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  • I need help with placement test physics mechanics test is about 1 hour online

    1. What are the fundamental quantities in mechanics?
    2. What are the chosen units for the three fundamental quantities in the SI system, what are them in the British system ?
    3. What is …

  • Lab


    Please Answer the following questions based on the attached lab. Please make sure the answers are correct, logic and follow the requirements.

    11)PI: Calculate the energy transferred …

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  • length - 9 pages excluding intro and reference page i.e. (total 11)

    In proper APA style with in-text citations.

    margins - 1 inch

    Should cite at least 3 sources from scholarly articles.

  • 3 pages excluding reference page( main paper)

    separate 1 rough draft page ( rough paper)

    in APA style

    no plagiarism

    main paper should be in detail.

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  • I already visited this center and I have many photos from California science center for space shuttle and information labels for each part from shuttle in my phone if we have deal to do it and need …

  • Discussion Item

    • Compare and contrast propeller driven performance to jet performance in an aircraft? If you were designing an aircraft what would be the reasons for choosing the power plant type?

  • need a referrel letter for a ctec- mechanic

  • Hi Need thermodynamics expert

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