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  • Discrete maths

  • APA Style (approximately 1 page, double-spaced) Due Feb. 3, 2019

    1) “Children Who Enjoy Problem Solving” by Larry Buschman – Download and read the article from Blackboard. After you have …

  • Part one:
    Compare and contrast the Borda count method and the purality-with-elimination method. Identify at least one similarity and one difference. Use a specific example of voting preferences …

  • Worksheet 1

  • only 10 quiz questions

  • Make a short detail presentation on applications of tifferentials equations

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  • Discussion: How Did They Choose?

    You may not realize the many different ways that balloting and voting can be conducted. The nature of a voting event often determines the type of ballot. …

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  • Instructions

    For this assignment, collect data exhibiting a relatively linear trend, find the line of best fit, plot the data and the line, interpret the slope, and use the linear …

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    Course Description:

    This course investigates the concepts of college algebra. The course covers the concepts of …

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  • Sec. 1.1 #20

    In a sample of 50,000 first-born babies, five were found to have Prader- Willie Syndrome. Determine the empirical probability that a families first child will be born with this syndrome.