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  • 1.) Building on your group work in class, analyze any still frame from Citizen Kane in terms of Giannetti's 15 points of mise-en-scène analysis. Explain how this still frame fits in the …

  • The task is basically simple I've sent the instructions below and the scoring rubric for the task. It should be 1 full page long or 2, Ive sent you book also but, you only have to read this part: …

  • What the paper is about

    Drawing on your personal experiences, you will discuss the way your identity is presented in social interaction. How are your identities — cultural, linguistic, gender, …

  • Write two full (5-6 sentences each) paragraphs as described below:

    Paragraph 1: As you finish Modern World Literature, your favorite story ("The Lottery" by Shirley Jackson) discuss in a …

  • write a short, contained story (5 pages) with dialogue and conflict

  • write a short, contained story (5 pages) with dialogue and conflict

  • Choose one of the films listed below:

    • Rashomon (Japan)
    • The Aura (Argentina)
    • Waltz with Bashir (Israel)
    • Salt of this Sea (Palestine)
    • Run Lola, Run (Germany)

    1. Post …

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  • i need 150 200 word discussion

  • 1984 by george orwell

  • Follow the File

  • Describe specific heart disease that may affect an agricultural population. 3-5 pages in length in APA format.


    -12 font

    -times new roman

    -apa format

    -double spaced

  • Part 1

    Respond to Walt Whitman and Emily Dickinson's poetry using at least 350 words. Use one short direct quotation from Whitman and one from Dickinson (CORRECTLY DOCUMENTED IN MLA …

  • Read "Salvation" (32+) and find a song that you think relates to the text in some way. Share the song (with a link if available) and offer a brief paragraph of why you chose the …

  • choose one aspect from hamlet and write how it is important to the understanding of the play. THE CHOICES ARE- suicide, poison, betrayal, treachery, ambition, parallel families, relationships, …

  • Use the prompt to give comment on the two poems that I attached below

    1. What do you as the the read as the main interpretation of the poem.
      1. Point to three examples and explain why …

  • the outline of the screenplay