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  • write a 1 page beat sheets for the opening 10 pages final scripts

  • Answer each questions. 1-4(150 words each) 5-6(250 words each)

    1. Describe how racial oppression continues to be a powerful force in the United States.

    2. Why do you think we continue …

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  • Philosophy final research paper. Detailed instructions in the attachment.

  • Check instructions

  • i need a lit review, 10 sources, 4 lines each

  • This brief, informal essay should be in the 400-500-word range. Summarize Chapters I-IV in The Problems of Philosophy, and then you will look for how what he says there links up with, …

  • The task is simple and everything is explained in the attached file if there is any concerns let me know, but everything is explained step by step which is very clear.

  • LIT


    Part 1

    Write a 250 word (minimum) response to Toni Morrison's "Recitatif." In your response, please answer the following questions, but try to write it like a mini-essay, with an intro …


    At the beginning of the text, Gilgamesh is described as a tyrant. How did this statement influence your initial perception of him? Did your opinion change as you read the text? …

    • Openings
      • Identify at least 1 or more literary tactic that the author used to open the book. Was it effective? Why or Why not?
    • Characters
      • How did you learn about the …

  • no other sources need only the book

    The paper must include a brief summary or overview of the play before diving into the analysis. Student's thesis will make an assertion about …

  • Discuss the connection between hypertension and strokes. 3-5 pages, in APA format.

    -12 font

    -times new roman

    -double spaced

    -at least four references

    -apa format


  • read "Story of an Hour," here's what I want you to consider and write about in your response: Is the conclusion of Chopin's story the happiest ending the story can have? What are the …

  • Myth


    Choose one of the themes below and write a one to two-page reflection short paper, elaborating on their meaning within the context of the myth of Pandora.

    What do we make of this myth?

    Who is truly …

  • Beginning next week, we will be focusing on a variety of Enlightenment Age philosophy. As one of the earliest playwrights of the period, it is fitting that we focus on the ways that he …

  • write 2 pages

    please finish it before noon on Wednesday

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