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  • I need someone who can help in a 4 page assignment due in 4 hrs

  • i want 12 pages research paper MLA stlye

  • You will write a1000-1500 word response to your chosen paper topic .

    Topic :

    hen, FORTHE ARTICLE YOU CHOOSE TO WRITE ON, you will type a 1000-1500 word responsein …

  • EH223

    Dr. Temple

    Essay #2

    For essay two, you may write on one of the following themes. Please use Times New Roman 12pt

    font, and do not include a separate title page. Instead, simply …

  • During this module you will complete your QEP Assignment. Suppose that Saint Leo University was considering doing away with all theatre classes, even for non-majors.

    (This is not really …

  • Please write thesis statement and outline for two essay question, each one should be related with two of three books (Dream Story, Threepenny Opera and All Quiet on the Western Front). …

  • Submissive women in the following stories:

    Things Fall Apart

    Chike's School Day

    Yellow women

    Wedding at the Cross

    Women's Swimming Pool

    Write about how they are being submissive in the stories

    How …

  • Week 6's instructions are included. I have also attached all relevant attachments that include previous weeks' work.

  • literature

    500 words essay( 2pages) and one page work cited


    6 hrs

  • 3 summaries 350 words each

  • The play and the instruction are attached below be mindful of instruction and due date before accepting the bid thanks

  • i want a research paper MLA style 12 pages i have the proposal

  • this assignment should be 1 page please pay attention to all details!

    your search should only be about by William Shakespeare

    the assignment is attached you should label all section on the …

  • Elements of the Final Paper

    Video Lecture:

    Rubric & Notes

      • Final Paper 30% (rest of grade determined by Quizzes: 30%, best ⅔; Content …

  • 1. Compare the use of drumming in African, Latin American and Native North American rituals. Be specific about the drums used and the ritual in which the drums are used. (500 words)

  • Frankenstien

    Paper will identify at least one theme and discuss how the following create and/or support the theme

    Narrative style

    Symbols/figurative language



  • Directions: You have signed up for a specific poet that represents a time period and philosophy. Your job is to become an “expert” on the poet and his/her work, and the time period in which …

  • 2. Discuss the nature of love and hate in two of the works that we have covered in class. (Dream Story)

    3. Discuss the nature of hope and despair in two of the works that we have

  • TOPICS FOR YOUR ESSAY For the Introduction to Music I course (GCAN – 131)