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  • should Frankenstein's monster be considered a person? What is the significance of the Monster not being named?

  • Analyze the following story in terms of character and theme from Ovid, Metamorphoses translated by Rolfe Humphries:

    Pyramus and Thisbe(p.83-86 Book4)

    *need some quotes from book*

    question: What …

    • Compare and contrastsome of the poems from this week's readings or the poet you selected for part 1 of the forum. You may compare poems from a single poet, or compare poems across …


    Please cite all sources in APA, NO PLAGIARISM.

    In this assignment, you will write a paper with content that I, (Hwitham33) will turn into a website …

  • Part 1: Your group must “pitch” your project to the class in a 7-10 minute presentation that incorporates at least four modes (audio, visual, kinesthetic,

    and tactile).

    Create, print, and …

  • Instructions are posted. The is based on previous work so I can upload it if needed.

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  • Identify 2 Literary Tactic That You See Being Used In The Opening Of Your Book.

    Authors are eager to impress, we have to look for literary tactics:

    - The opening sentences of a …

  • I need you to give a detailed analysis of the poem "Snake" D. H Lawrence. It should not be less that 2 pages and not more than 3. My professor will give me a zero if its plagiarism..I have to submit …

  • compose a 6 line poem that talks about any topic of your choice...inbox for the topic you choose so that i give a go-ahead. thanks

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  • Class: Mythology of Heroes and Superheroes

    Book: Ovid's metamorphoses translate by Rolfe Humphries

    Question: Analyze the two stories in book2(attached), Phaethon(p28-40), Jove in Arcady(p.40-45). …

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  • 200 words in half hour

  • APA Format- make sure you have a title page, abstract and citations.

    Reflection should be based on the below link. It is clips from movies.

  • Please complete in 6 hours


    Compare the creation story of Ovid's Metamorphoses Book I with Japanese and Judio-Christian stories as found in Kojiki and the Bible.

    Write at least one page in …

  • Write a 2-page literary analysis of one of the short stories from the assigned readings for Module 02, explaining how the author used characteristics of modernist literature or dystopian elements to …