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  • Reading Response: Each question: arounds 250 words, 250 words X2=500words

    1) Please closely read this translation of Stéphane Mallarmé's 1896 poem "A Throw of the Dice Will Never Abolish …

  • The task is simple and everything is explained in the attached file if there is any concerns let me know, but everything is explained step by step which is very clear. You should choose a novel, …

  • 1) Conformism as existential and historical tragedy in The Conformistby Bernardo Bertolucci.

    Length: 1,750 – 2,300 words

    Due date: March 26, 2019

    : No anonymous online reference

    N. B. : It is to …

  • Hey,

    I am looking for someone who can write a research paper/ literature review on an audiology topic, that I would provide you with as well and the articles you need, and instructions …

  • Instructions are attached, and the article that you need to read is also attached

  • 200-300 word

    Address similarities between Don Quixote and medieval knights.In yourpost, discuss whether or not these shared traits cause us to question the idealization of …

  • Three-pages response to the Chinese film To Live (Huozhe 活着, dir. Zhang Yimou 张艺谋, 1994)

    The film:

  • Answer two of the next three questions:

    • 1) King Oedipus
    • a) Fate versus individual free will- the great question. How do we reconcile- if we do- this conundrum in King Oedipus?
    • b) Hybris …

  • Many of the Harlem Renaissance made extensive use of the sonnet form; module 2 contains examples such as Countee Cullen's "From the Dark Tower," Helene Johnson's "Sonnet to a Negro in Harlem," and …

  • instruction are linked to the attachment

  • If anyone has read the book and can do analysis on several chapters please message back

  • Fiction Analysis – Rough Draft

    By the due date assigned, attach the rough draft of your essay as a Microsoft Word document to the Discussion Area. By the end of the week, comment on at least two of …

  • Dissertation Proposal

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    Following the debate activity that we did in class on the validity of Trophy Hunting, we will continue albeit individually and in writing. I want you to write a coherent essay that 1) describes …

  • The task is basically simple I've sent the instructions below and the scoring rubric for the task. It should be 1 full page long or 2, Ive sent you the book also , you only have toread this …

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  • Read "The Collector of Treasures" (e-text only--not in our textbook) by Bessie Head, a writer from Botswana. For this assignment, there are two options:

    Option 1: write about why …

  • please follow all directions from the assignment is to due soon

    writer can take its time

  • 6 pages in MLA with resources about Immigration in America. Due March 21st.