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  • Investor-State Dispute Settlement class,

    Exam time is at 12:00pm-01:40 pm 3/1 (PST)

    Will send you the picture of exam during exam time and you will need to answer the questions and send me …

  • Class--

    What do you think is the best . . . or at least . . . better approach for addressing the immigration status of illegal immigrants who are currently in the U.S.?

  • Complete Chapters 7-11 on SOOMO Webtext

  • Memo/ APA format/ No plagiarism/ Answer all questions/ Rubric Attached

    You have recently been promoted to Health Services Manager at Three Mountains Regional Hospital, a small hospital …

  • APA format 8 Slides/1 Slide 3-5 resources for employees who want more information/ No Plagiarism/ Rubric Attached

    You have recently been promoted to Health Services Manager at Three …

  • For this discussion, first locate a news article that references a recently published research study, not a demographic report such as a census. Then locate the original research study …

  • Prompt & Materials Needed Attached. Writer must watch videos and write a proper transcript between theorists about their thoughts on a documentary.

  • In Chapter 6 of the textbook, the author’s discuss administrative agencies. If you consider Chapter 4 of the textbook, we discussed the structure of the federal government which is tripartite …

    1. Provide citation and reference . Describe what you found interesting regarding pretrial Litigation Process, and why.
    2. Describe how you will apply that learning in your daily life, …

  • Do you think the penalties that are typically imposed on corporate executives for "white-collar crimes" are sufficient?

  • In what ways has the internet and modern technology increased the potential for business tort and criminal liability?

    In what ways has the internet decreased these risks to businesses?

  • IRAC


    When businesses are confronted with legal problems one of the hardest things for the owners to often understand is that what they "think" is the issue or problem is probably a symptom or just …

  • Consumer protection is an important issue, but how much responsibility should the government have in protecting consumer? There are many products that pose a health hazard yet are legal.

  • 1) Is Bob now a contractor or can it be argued that he is an employee? Explain with reference to the common law test.

    2) If Bob is an employee, are the policies binding regarding Bob’s …

  • Unit 4 Group Project IP

    Assignment Objectives:

    Apply critical thinking skills to analyze business situations.

    Appropriately use effective communication techniques.

    Describe the rights of …

  • Unit 4 Individual Project

    Assignment Objectives:

    Explain the federal laws and regulations pertaining to employee workplace rights.

    Assignment as follows:

    Using the Library or other Web …

  • Business Law - Assignment: Landlord-Tenant Law

    Due week 9 and worth 80 points

    Larry Landlord has recently renovated an apartment and has put it on the …


    Reaction Paper 2: The documentary

    Pervert Park

    focused on sex offenders who have served their

    time but are struggling to …


    Prominent Products Limited (PPL), a medium size manufacturing and retail company, has engaged you as a legal consultant toprovide advice on the following legal problems that …