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  • The other 2 contributions are:

    The Americans Disability Act is simply focused on individuals/ employees with disabilities, rather It’s the person or their family member, or spouse. This …


    Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper on goal setting and case planning in correctional settings.

    Include the following:

    • Describe the process of setting goals with clients in the …

  • On a Thursday morning Tanya happened to see an old friend, Dino, in the parking lot, while chatting noticed his car, and told Dino she needed a car right away and was looking for one just like …

  • Create an Ethical Code for any individual(s), group of individuals, and or department of a higher education institution.


    • The Ethical Code should concentrate and include ethical …

  • Answer these question:

    1. How was your participation over the past four weeks of class (use a scale from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest)? Place the rating and any comments you have in the section …

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    4 X 150 words

  • DUE March 10th (tonight) at 17:00 military time!!!

  • Need in next 8 h

  • DUE March 9th (tonight) at 23:30 military time!!! 2 responses

  • Choose a health care issue with controversial ethical and legal implications that was at the center of a high visibility case in the public domain. Some examples of issues include but are not limited …

  • - Make an a bill ( let the drinking age be 18)

    - explain in details just as the file says.

    - the preamble, body, and Enactment clause don't have to be as exactly as it says it just a reference …

  • DUE March 9th (tonight) at 23:30 military time!!! 2 responses


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    Read the Hypothetical Case Problem #1 at the end of Chapter 1 and respond to these questions:

    • If Javier sued Energy-Auto Inc., identify who would be the plaintiff and …

  • Because the term DNA is not being specifically mentioned in the Fourth Amendment, its protection is often overlooked by law enforcement officers which results in evidence not being able to be …

  • *****700-1000 words, APA format, at least 3 references

    Key Assignment

    Note: All character and company names are fictional and are not intended to depict any actual person or business.

    Your …

  • Class--

    What impact, if any, do you think that the current actions of President Trump concerning immigration and immigration reform will have on the future of the IRCA?

    1. Provide citation and reference to the material(s) you discuss. Describe what you found interesting regarding illegal contracts and why they are not enforceable.
    2. Describe how you will …

  • The quiz is assigned to test your understanding of the textbook content/assigned chapter readings. This is an open-book and open-note quiz. Your quiz will be timed (90 …

  • This paper is due by March 10, 2019 no later than 1159pm. I am needing an A.