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  • This week of class we explore intellectual property in Chapter 9 and international trade in Chapter 10. I have posted a video relating to the legal issues raised with flash mobs. Watch the video and …

  • How much should an employer be able to regulate or monitor their employees' online or social media activity within the workplace?

    What about when the employee is outside the workplace?

  • Solar Co. Inc., a solar panel manufacturing and installation company, has recently encountered several legal issues related to harassment allegations by employees, mistakenly classifying workers as …

  • How can an employee's use of social media positively or negatively affect their company even if done on their own time and from their own personal account(s)?

  • Unit 5 Individual Project 2

    Assignment Objectives:

    Construct human resource policies in accordance with federal laws and regulations.


    Using the Library or other Web …

  • Unit 5 Individual Project 1

    Objectives for this assignment:

    Describe the rights of an employee and the legal obligations of a manager.

    Predict situations that present potential ethical …

  • due in 15 hours****

    answer the question, see the file

  • About intellectual property. (150-200 words)

    The article analysis assignment shall include four parts:

    1. Title of the article, date of publication, and author (note: The Economist does not …

  • This assignment will allow students to broaden their understanding of the theories and concepts relevant to various legal issues and areas such as contracts, employment, legal ethic, business …

  • Please follow the instruction carefully.

    8 pages assignment.

  • 1. Using critical thinking explain how crime analysis using GIS mapping technology may be applied to a crime of your choice e.g.,serial serial rapist etc.In doing so, discuss at least one …

  • The quiz is assigned to test your understanding of the textbook content/assigned chapter readings. This is an open-book and open-note quiz. Your quiz will be timed (90 minutes) and you …

  • -Entire answer will be 350 words.

    -Shows an excellent understanding and reflection of knowledge from the assigned discussion topic.

    -Incorporates reference to literature, …

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  • In both the Indian Independence Movement & U.S. Civil Rights Movement, people used nonviolent noncooperation to resist unjust laws. In what ways were the social conditions of British India …

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  • The goal of intellectual property law is to encourage innovation. Individuals and companies will be far less likely to create new or improved products, services, and works such as movies …

  • Have you known anyone with a disability ?

    1. What are some challenges that employees have who are disabled on a day to day basis?
    2. What are some special accommodations if any do employees …