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  • MOD4

    Field: Law - Criminal
    Due: in 5 days


    1. Zack and Amber have been married for 15 years. They have one child, Angel, who is 10. The health of their relationship has been typical, marked by occasional disagreements …

  • Field: Law - Criminal
    Due: in a day

    Assignment 2: Long-Term Detention

    The primary forms of long-term detention are boot camps, ranches, forestry camps, training schools, reception, and …

  • Field: Law - Criminal
    Due: in 2 hours

    Read the “Risk-Need-Responsivity Model for Offender Assessment and Rehabilitation 2007-06” article.

    Review the following scenario:

    · The client is a 32-year-old male who was …

  • Field: Law - Criminal
    Due: in a day

    III Case Study

    Using ONE of the case study examples on page 83 of your textbook, imagine that you are a probation officer and develop a presentence investigation report for either Defendant Green or …

  • Field: Law - Criminal
    Due: an hour ago

    The research project for this course requires you to identify a criminal justice professional field in which you would be

    interested in pursuing a career. If you already work in the criminal justice …

  • Field: Law - Criminal
    Due: in 7 days

    In 1-2 pages, compare and contrast self- policing efforts with traditional policing efforts.

    In your opinion which model is better?

    Explain why.