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  • Critique the following question about American self-identity: Is the concept of freedom still central to you as an aspect of your self-identity and to this nation’s identity?


  • : 750-1000 words, 40 points. First, choose one of the historical figures we have discussed in class or who wrote one of the primary sources we discussed in class. Think about this person’s …

  • For this forum, you will need to Google “US history myths,” and in a minimum of 250 words, tell us what the myth is, what is the reality, and finally, why you think this it has been immortalized in …

  • For this final paper (5 pages, double-spaced, 12 pt font) Use specific examples from the texts to back up your points. Make sure that your essay is well organized and clearly written, and …

  • Please write essays (about 3-4 paragraphs each) on three questions. Basically, you need to write 9-12 paragraphs as total. Double Space, 4 Pages.

    The reading material is very important, it …

  • No plagiarism please.

  • The audio recordings taken in the Nixon White House would seem to be invaluable pieces of evidence for historians as they try to understand what the President knew and when he knew it. What, however, …

  • Review the following resource: John Cage – 4'33" for piano (1952)

    In previous time periods, composers generally followed the accepted style of the time. This concept of time changed in the …

  • The paper should be an essay, with an introduction to the topic and a clearly-identified thesis statement (argument you want to make in your paper). The discussion needs to place the …

  • I need Book Review of a text book “The Story of Reality” – 2 pages without cover page.

    Book name : Gregory Koukl. The Story of Reality, Zondervan, 2017

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  • Weekly Discussion #16: Es.

    Empiricists contend that our knowledge of the empirical world comessolelyfrom sense experience. Rationalists argue that we can come to knoiw what the world is like …

  • Book review for Dunant, Sarah. The Birth of Venus: A Novel. New York: Random House Trade Paperbacks, 2004.

    I. What’s the thesis of this work? Why was it written? (What’s the one really …

  • Q1)

    [Williams] Read Benjamin Quarles’s, “Antebellum Free Blacks and the ‘Spirit of ‘76’ ” (253-63). Why did a significant number of African Americans condemn the Fourth of July, Independence …

  • a Pick Country or a region outside of the US ) . Some examples - Brazil , Russia , South Asia , China , South Korea , Indonesia , South Africa ( or another African country ) , middle Eastern country …