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  • this is worksheet about Identifying Contemporary Conflicts Only page. Instructions provided

  • Have a discussion with someone who remembers the “Cold War”

    (grandparent, parent, teacher, friend, coworker, etc) and briefly write

    what you gather from that conversation.

  • For this forum, please share your reflection on the topics learned in this course, World Civilization since 1650. Please focus on at leasttwo issuesthat you found of interest and …

  • Assignment 1: Project Paper – Comparative Essay

    Topic: The purpose of this essay is to compare two ancient male rulers.

    Step 1. Select any two (2) of these rulers: Ramses …

  • please follow the instructions

  • Question 1

    The major industries that developed in the South prior to 1900 included all of the following except


    cotton production.


  • The French philosopher Montesquieu wrote that 'An empire founded

    in war has to maintain itself by war.' Are empires agents of order and

    peace, or of conquest and war? Discuss with reference to a …

  • What was the Cold War? Who were the players? What effect did it have on history? Your answer is to be 300 words in length. Ensure to Cite sources

  • In Week 8, you read about Cultural Imperatives, Empires Past, Present and Future. What is Richard D.Lewis assessment on the areas he discusses? Your answer is to be 300 words in length. …

  • Many associate the Great Depression with the United States. It actually had an impact on the world. Explain the impact the Depression had worldwide. Give two examples. Your answer needs …

  • The three Islamic Empires we touched upon this semester were the Mughal, Safavid and Ottoman Empires. Name one similarity, other than religion, these empires share, please explain. …

  • In 300 words, discuss the differences and similarities of the American and French revolutions. Make sure to Cite your sources

  • a book review on the book : Zealot: the Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth by Raza Aslan, Random House, 2013

    needs 2 references and needs to be 1500 words.

  • Chapters 20, 21, and 22 **SELECT ONLY ONE**

    1) What did the progressives do to improve Americans’ lives?

    2) Why was the United States unable to maintain neutrality in World War I?

    3) What …

  • Respond to these to posts in your own word please 6 sentences each


    In the pre-historical era, it cannot be denied that some arts were created for religious reasons as humans were …

  • In this paper, consider the question of how Adam Smith (Philosopher) and the three Declarations and their authors differ or are similar. Which best describes the world as you know it? …

  • 1. What was life like for the children and women of the Third Reich? How did the propaganda aim at them directly? What measures were used to control and brainwash the …

  • Thirteen Original Colonies" Please respond to the following: PROVIDE SPECIFIC EVIDENCE FROM THIS WEEK'S WEBTEXT in your response.

    • Using the Webtext, (Be sure to provide …

  • Instructions: Provide a comprehensive response to the question(s) below. Be sure to draft your response in your own words (do not quote verbatim from the textbook).

    Assignment Question(s)

  • I have numbered each document. Read and answer questions