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  • Write a five-page minimum, MLA-formatted, double-spaced, analytical paper on the development of the (1) African American, (2)the Anglo American and (3)the Native American communities from the …

  • All guidelines are attached.

    Please read requirements before accepting the bid.

    1200 - 1400 WORDS

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  • essay

  • Please do not bid if you don't have this book : Sources of World Societies: Volume 2 3rd edition

    and also i need this in 7 hours from now !

  • n this discussion, you will consider how historical lenses can affect the study of a historical topic. Select one of the secondary source articles from your research. After reading that article, …

  • 3-4-1 Activity: Secondary Source Analysis Worksheet

  • The Ottoman Empire, , the Ottoman siege of Vienna , the rise and fall

    and other important aspect about the Ottoman empire

    Papers must use at least 3 primary sources and …

    • Chronology and key characteristics for key Australopithecines & genus Homo
    • Compare & Contrast
      • Arboreal hypothesis v. visual predation
      • adducted & abducted toes

  • 36470 Topic: Popular Culture and Mass Society

    Number of Pages: 3 (Double Spaced)

    Number of sources: 2

    Writing Style: MLA

    Type of document: Essay

    Academic Level:Undergraduate

    Category: History

  • week 8

  • Follow the examples.

    The video is a introduction of this project.

    About 150-200 words for each slide.

  • select one of the two (find the attachment ), one page or (1 1/2 )pages, double space.

  • Reflection on the attached doc.

  • Please include, either in the text or grouped together at the end, copies of the posters you're commenting on.

    Instructions attached

    Write it in simple English, and finish it in 18 hours.


  • Public Policy Anaysis

    Textbook Readings
    .Presentation: Ideas that Shape Public Policy: Taxation
    .Presentation: Ideas that Shape Public Policy: Balanced Budget
    .Presentation: The Free Market in …

  • Chicago History! Answer the following questions.

    1. What are 4 random “fun-facts” about the 1893 World’s Fair that you found interesting?

    2. What is “progressivism”? Give one example …