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  • The following is an exercise in historical role play. You are one of the following people: an Austrian officer writing to your emperor, Ferdinand II; a Swedish soldier writing to …

  • Answering the questions at the end of the "Zooming In" section -- "Dona Marina: Between Two Worlds" -- on pp. 558-59 of your textbook. The second question especially is full of …

  • Answer must be at least 250words. Answer must be in Microsoft Word and must be an original answer no plagiarism. Primary postings should include either a concise summary of information or …

  • State in main transportation networks in Kenya

  • I need two respond to these to post for my discussion #1 History

    please see attachments

    1. Must need a plagiarism free work
    2. 8 scholarly sources (books, book chapters, and journal articles) for each of the essays . 8 scholarly reference is a must if more that will be …

  • I need to make an A on this 5 paragraph essay. Its a history paper about the Colombian Exchange.You can not plagrize because my professor uses turn it in! Help a girl out !!

  • what were the effects of second world war to the world econnomy

  • The Cold War was an era of tensions between the Soviet Union and the United States. The world basically lined up behind each of these countries. Then there were countries such as Yugoslavia and China …

  • Take a look at the Safavid and Ottoman Empire. How do the two societies compare in their handling of minorities and religious freedom? How was this important to each empire?

    Forum Requirement …

  • Why do you think the American Revolution successfully created a lasting government, but the French struggled throughout their revolution to decide on a type of government?

    Forum requirement is 300 …

  • Please compare and contrast slavery in North America with slavery in the Caribbean.

    Forum requirement is 300 words

  • These discussions should help you understand what a primary source for historical writing is.

    an audio tutorial -- http://www.lib.umassd.edu/find/tutorials/PrimarySecondarySources/index.html

  • Please discuss FDR's(Franklin Delano Roosevelt) New Deal and its impact on life in the United States.

    Forum requirement is 300 words

  • 4 pages Write an essay on the period of history covered in this unit (Enlightenment, French Revolution, Napoleon). Choose one of the essay questions listed and use the outline to help you build your …

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