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    The Story Of An Hour

    The Story of an Hour by Kate Chopin is told in third person narration. The way you can tell this is because they are able to see and know what everyone is …

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    Araby, by James Joyce 1916

    The point of view in the story "Araby," by James Joyce was written in a first-person perspective. He uses, "I, We, and Our" throughout …

  • For the reading response, you will need to read "My Embarrassing Picture Went Viral" by Caitlin Seida on page 674 to 678. Unlike the previous reading responses, you will need to create a summary and …

  • The course research project is a detailed research project on a specific theatre topic studied or prominent in the field. The project should be on one of the theatrical topics listed …

  • I need one page Autobiography of a student

  • Please read the following document then Text me.

  • Read the prompt and write a persuasive essay in response to the prompt:

    - Your essay should be 1–2 pages.

    - Remember to format correctly with 12 point, times new roman and Double …

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  • 500 words essay.. aka style

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  • explain the meaninging of each one and use real life example .

  • You will write a critical essay centered on this text. In this essay, your purpose will be to recognize and discuss the key meanings or lessons you take from the work [written …

  • 800 words in 5 hours for $18

  • research paper

    how can we reduce the rate of global warming/ control global warming? List three reasons in support of your point of view and two opposing view on your thesis.

    There should …

  • Read: 1.“the fourth of july audre lorde” by AUDRE LORDE

    2.“on compassion” BY BARBARA LAZEAR ASCHER


    3.“salvation”by langston hughes

  • Post one paragraph from your recent writing that contains a sentence in passive voice. Remember that in a passive voice, the subject of the sentence does not do an action; the subject of the …

  • Choose one of the following “developments in technology” and do some research on the current state of this technology. Be sure to cite your sources.Please do NOT make Wikipedia your …

  • In "How I Found the Time for Reflective Learning," Dr. Richard Eve explains why he believes reflection is important to his practice as a surgeon and how he fits reflection into his busy life. …

  • Reflective Essay

    Task: Explain how the process of completing your research project has affected your understanding of an issue or event in society.