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  • Topic: Highway speed limits

    General purpose: To warn and inform

    Specific Purpose: to warn and inform the drivers of the importance of speed limits.

    Central Idea: Using highway speed limits to …

  • Write a Block Business Letter from the perspective of company management in regards to the below scenario.

    Paul works for the website division of SuperMega retail company. He receives …

  • The PowerPoint presentation must adhere to the following requirements:

    Potential examples include the importance of companies embracing social media, advertising through social media, …

  • Scientific writing and Critical thinking exam

  • Week Three Journal

    1. In Chapter 9 Ryan and Copper describe two psychological theories that have influenced schools,

    behaviorism and constructivism. What do you …

  • For Favorite Prof 2

  • For Favorite Prof

  • Is suicide solution for problems?

  • Write your own philosophy of education. See assignment description and rubric under the course information tab. Click on the assignment link above to submit your assignment and then click …

  • Designing Engaging Lessons

    Burden and ryan, ch 3-5


  • I attached the prompt file under and use these two links to find textual evidence for the analysis paper. Give a summary of how this club is a discourse community and explain the club and also …

  • due tonight at 12pm

  • My research topic is "Should people get identity chips implanted under their skin?"

  • Will anyone write a visual response essay for me please? I have attached the requirements.

  • Evaluating Inductive Reasoning – In the studies listed in the exercise, identify the conclusion, the projected property, the target population, and the sample. Then, drawing on the principles of …

  • Exercise 7B p 154 – Distinguishing Inductive from Deductive Reasoning

  • Read The Mechanic's Logic on p.151 and respond to the 4 questions.

  • 1. Use the Criteria of Adequacy to compare any two theories of mind (such as Cartesian Dualism vs. Identity Theory). Which do you think is the best theory? Why?


    1300 WORDS

    ALL …

  • It's a formal proposal that I have started offering products for sale to Texas de Brazil the pictures that I HAVE TAKEN are examples of it . It needs to have graphic and some examples of my …

  • Introduction

    Turing believed that only beings that were able to pass the Turing Test were able to think. Searle objected that a being could pass the test and lack the ability to think. One way …