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  • 1) what is management information systems ? List and discuss the components of MIS.

    2) What is a digital business model?

    3) What is a business process? Give three examples

    4) Explain the cloud?

  • if you are expert with those two in the title tell me asap

  • Hi i have Lab report (Tensile Testing of Steel)

    and i need help with the calculation part & drawing on graph using excel

    must be done in 2 hours

    plz help and contact me ONLY if …

  • make this solidwork due today

  • Please discuss the different roles played by the qualitative and quantitative approaches to managerial decision making. Why is it important for a manager or decision maker to have a good …

  • #36264 Topic: software

    Number of Pages: 5 (Double Spaced)

    Number of sources: 1

    Writing Style: MLA

    Type of document: Math Problem

    Academic Level:Undergraduate

    Category: Engineering

    Language Style: …

  • #36262 Topic: RF Circuits Design lab report

    Number of Pages: 3 (Double Spaced)

    Number of sources: 1

    Writing Style: MLA

    Type of document: Lab Report

    Academic Level:Master

    Category: Engineering

  • 1- Who should govern what gets built and what not?

    2- when should it be a community discussion?

    3- please use hard ones

    Answers should be written in a minimum of two *paragraph (per question) with …

  • cover letter (Mechanical Engineer for Aerospace company)

    Prepare a “pro forma resume” and cover letter that show the skills and experience you expect to have by you senior year. By a …

  • i need someone know how to use this Rslogeix500 program , this is not writing homework

  • In this unit you are required to complete weekly portfolios and a final consolidated portfolio based on these weekly portfolios. A portfolio provides evidence of previous and current experience …

  • watch Seconds from Disaster the Deepwater Horizon. You will see in the video that there were some key decisions which precluded the disaster. State in your Module 2 Forum post what these …

  • This week's reading has to do with network traffic signatures, including using CVE to identify vulnerabilities, and how to identify attacks on a network. We will be looking at programs like …

  • questions will be posted in 2 hours need help in exam every question is due immediately after it's posted approx. 10 minutes