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  • Engineering Analysis I

    *Show all your works including the formulas/equations to get full points

  • I have a project that i need to write a report about. I need someone to contact me through Whatsapp. message me for more info

  • I need a Energy conversion lab report.

    Use the word template as a guide line for the report.

    Make the calculation for the data table and write the result in the data …

  • Provide a comprehensive report of certain type of bioceramics.


    (1) This is an individual report; late submission won’t be accepted. (2) Report writing format:

    • Use 1 1⁄2 spacing for texts and …

  • objective:

    preparation\ introduction






  • For this week, you need to first watch The Problem with Apu. It is available on TruTv if you have cable:If you don't, it is also available on Amazon, Vudu, iTunes, and Google Play - the …

  • In the attachment you find a lab worksheet guidelines and a lab report temp let.

    Use the lab worksheet guideline to write the report in the report temp let.

    Use word and excel to make the tables of …

  • In the attachment file you will find Energy conversion questions that need to be sold fast.

  • Chpater 2:

    2.2: Study and discuss heat potential of fuel cell (page 34)

    What is the maximum amount of energy that we can extract from a fuel?

    How do you drive equation 2.29? What is its …

  • Please read the following essay on music video and respond to the ideas discussed in the essay, as complicated as well by Walter Benjamin's much older essay. What ideas in the essay interested you? …

  • Solve the problem of fluid flow through the heat exchanger. Give flow rate as an input and for the flow rate calculate how much head loss will occur.

    So in your program, you should be able to …

  • Use autocad to draw the following

  • GIVEN:

    _ In all models: give all elements labels and indicate the correct unit for

    each element.

    _ Backlash, friction and damping effects may be neglected, unless otherwise


    _ If …

  • Using the data above and the Z-Transform table A-10,What is the statistical number specimens that have failed between 193 and 202 MPa?

  • Make a presentation by reading different sections of chapter 2. When making presentation pleases answer the following questions or cover the suggested topics. Your presentation will be graded. …

  • answer just these 5 question

    1-Please write a computer program for example 1-5. You can use steps and output style similar to example 1-6.

    2-Describe Hardy Cross method. Describe Hazen …