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  • David Butler considers whether the Texas City Explosion meets the description of a human-caused disaster resulting from the failure of complex systems. What is your opinion? Do you think this …

  • **No Plagiarism...this is a critical assignment for the course and I need to pass it in order to pass the class**

    For the critical assignment, you will be synthesizing information from all of the …

  • Week 4 - Assignment

    Research of Educational Change

    One aspect of professional development that educators can participate in is that of educational conferences. While you may at some point have …

  • Week 4 - Discussion

    66 unread replies.66 replies.

    Your initial discussion thread is due on Day 3 (Thursday) and you have until Day 7 (Monday) to respond to your classmates. Your grade will reflect …

  • What is the history of drum usage in African-American Culture?

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  • Due tonight..Describe three aspects of due process for a school seeking to suspend a student with disabilities. 250 words with one reference.

  • Review the school board policy and student handbook of your local public school site or district for information regarding their policies on short- and long-term suspensions of students. You may also …

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  • Part 1: Communicating the Learning Objectives Chart

    Observe a grade level K-8 classroom during classroom instruction. During your observations, take detailed notes and identify the learning …

  • The success rate of youth crime prevention programs for adolescents boys and girls

    Recap- 20 scholarly references on the research topic- APA format

  • You have researched strategies that create student engagement through motivation in learning, and subsequent guidance of students towards ownership of learning. For this part of the …

  • It is crucial to show students how to take ownership of their learning in order to create lifelong learners, encourage student autonomy, and foster student independence. To promote student …

  • Discuss the following with an essay of at least 350 words.

    The legacy of the Crusades, whether positive or negative, has been contested among Christians and non-Christians alike. Although there …

  • The fundamentals of a strategic plan include the core values, mission, and vision which represent the organizational identification (ID). Your Assignment this week requires you to develop the …

  • Select a societal issue from anywhere in the world about which you are passionate (The societal issue is Bullying)

    Think about your personal values that make this issue important to you and how …

  • *Please read the Article below. I will attach the PDF

    ethnicity & pop culture_Beyonce'.pdf

    How effective do you think advocacy of social issues in popular entertainment venues is?