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  • Field: Education
    Due: in 18 days

    This should be 3 to 5 pages and is due on October 12, 2018.

  • Field: Education
    Due: in 20 hours

    This week, you will use what you’ve learned to create a summative assessment for the unit plan you created using one of the strategies from your PLC blog, and with the classroom environment …

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    Field: Education
    Due: in 13 hours

    Making appropriate citations, discuss the c ontributions of ancient Egyptian and Greek
    educational systems to our modern education theory and practices.

  • Field: Education
    Due: in 2 days

    Assignment 2: RA 1—Literature Review: Communication and Values at Your Workplace

    In this module, you will consider the potential interrelatedness between communication and values.


    In a …

  • Field: Education
    Due: in 3 days

    As you engage with this week’s discussion and with one another, be sure to read what has already been posted and then add substantively to the discussion. Time goes quickly, so remember to post …

  • Field: Education
    Due: in 13 hours

    am ready to work