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  • Figure 1 below, which displays surface weather conditions (station models), fronts, isobars, and precipitation for 2000UTC (1pm Pacific Time) on Friday, March 5th, 2019. This map shows a long cold …

  • 50 multiple choice questions about Geology

    And i need 100% correct

  • Its a Petroleum Engineering report.

    You should use the related soft and complete all the requirements.

    Well test was carried out on a well completed in an oil reservoir with the …

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    Select either a MINERAL or a ROCK that has some economic value, practical use, or a harmful or beneficial effect. Create a discussion thread with the name of the …

  • I have archeology work that have some requirements that will be attached in word file. The work should be only photos, maps and really short paragraphs for every photo or map. The information should …

  • Explain the impact of globalization on your own life and your country. Consider how modernization and growth has affected your consumption behavior, your thoughts, and have you seen evidence of …

  • Topic: About why so many earthquake happened in San Francisco in college geology level.


    Compelling topic and overall enthusiasm/engagement

    Clarity/organization of the …

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  • GEOLOGY 100, PROJECT 5 (Due Week 6)

    Prior to answering the following questions make sure you read WEEK 5 Overview and Learning Resources. Also, you are expected to research outside …

  • 1. Plants are pretty tough. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain.

    2. Plants are not tough at all. Do you agree or disagree with this statement? Explain.

    3. In class we discussed a …

  • Laboratory Exercise for Plate Tectonics

    Earthquakes Related to a Hypothetical Plate Boundary

    Lesson Description

    In this exercise we will plot 40 theoretical earthquake events at the …

  • This assignment is about spectroscop Below is the data table generated using the ALTA II Reflectance Spectrometer on the orange and the basketball. It is your job to plot this data: either sketch and

  • This assignment is about Spectroscopy.

  • Anyone good at interpreting petrophysics well logs?

  • In this assignment, you are asked to identify issues that you consider to be priorities in global health. These priorities can be any health or health-related conditions (such as disease, …