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    The video summaries are designed to provide additional insights into the information from various viewpoints . In addition,the videos provide …

  • Discussion board and 2 x responses

  • answer question each answer need 300 words, apa format, sign each question number

    1.Should we promote the globalization of education? Why or Why not?

    2.What the government or individual …

  • For our discussion:Why does a majority of scientists believe that the current warming of the planet is because of human activity while a solid minority agree that the planet is …

  • Why do most hurricanes in the Atlantic form off of or near the coast of West Africa and come westwards towards the North American continent?? Why don't they form off of the coast of …

  • Geography research paper covering Hurricane Wilma or any relevant Natural Disaster topics ( Notify me if not about Hurricane Wilma).

    Research paper

    · Page 1 & 2 = Writing (12 Pt. …

  • Glacial Processes Assignment

    As usual, each forum assignment is broken down into two basic parts:

    1. InitialPost(worth 15 points)
    2. A follow-up post to communicate with students and …

  • 2 files short answers with correct

  • 1. do some web research on the concept of the force that the wind exerts on objects. Then, construct an engaging 3-paragraph initial post that addresses the following points:


  • Article Assignments:

    One-page news article (see following website links for some online sources or use hard copy newspapers or

    magazines) along with a description (type one …

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