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  • In your own words, discuss the chemistry of the process presented in the materials, and what the company and other organizations should have done to prevent the incident from occurring. Make …

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  • The overall goal of the Session Long Project in this course is to examine health care delivery in the United States from a personal perspective and provide recommendations for improvements.

    Please …

  • Essay



    I need an expert in CHEM 1010: Medical General Chemistry I, to perform laboratory activities I need to obtain a B, the work consists of developing some activities …

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  • With the molecule, C4H10, how many electron pairs and bonding pairs are present?

  • I have chemistry online hw for website called Knewton. There are 3 chapters (7,8,9) left for me. The number of questions is not that much; I can say about 34 not hard and multiple choice …

  • Type stoichiometry problems problems 14-18

    Mass-Mass problems 20-28

    volume-volume problems 38-48

    complete even numbered problems for:

    binary ionic compounds

    binary molecular compounds

  • GMO Food vs Non GMO Food

  • 1. Watch the video titled “Acids and Bases”.

    2. Post your answers to the following questions on the video:

  • Chemical Bonding

    Provide an explanation for three of the twelve items below.

    a. Explain how valence electrons create a chemical bond, and how they are obtained.

    b. Explain the …

  • Describe how you solved the problems. For each discussion board you are expected to 2 - 3 paragraphs that addresses the prompt; a paragraph consists of a minimum of 3 …

  • Nuclear Chemistry Worksheet

    222 4

    1. 86Rn ---------> ________ + 2He

    234 4

    2. ______ ---------> 90Th + 2He

    230 226

    3. 90Th ---------> 88Ra …

  • Calculate the molar mass of the chemicals:

    1. KOH

    2. F3Cl3

    3. CCI2F2

    4. UF6

    5. H3PO4

    6. How many grams do 4.3 X 1021 molecules of UF6 weigh?

    7. How many grams are there in 4.5 X 1022 …

  • Chemistry Final Exam Version 12/2016


    Student number:

    Directions: It is important that you provide answers in your own words. …

  • Essay Criteria:

    1. Element: Lithium
    2. I am looking for originality of thought, so use your own thoughts and references. References should be in APA format.