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  • Unit II Research Paper Open


    Pesticides are a common environmental concern due to the potential long-term effects of the chemicals and their metabolites on …

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  • Unit I PowerPoint Presentation


    Assume the role of an environmental safety expert who is presenting to a group of undergraduate college students …

  • 500 Words

  • I have an exam tonight at 9:30 New York time. I'll send you the pictures and you'll solve them and tell me which choice it is A, B, C, or D.

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  • I need the answers for my chemistry lab work. It is only 5 questions. I have attached images of the work as well. I need it done as soon as possible please.

  • I have a Pre Laboratory and Post Laboratory quiz for CHM 151

  • Determination of Blood Alcohol

    “Dry Lab”


    Quantitative determination of blood alcohol (BAC) is one of the most common analyses performed in the forensic toxicology …

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  • This is post lab chemistry

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  • pH, Buffers, and Titratable Acidity lab report

  • Offsite versus On Site

    1. Your organization has approximately 10TB of data, and you need to decide if your organization should have on-site or offsite tape storage.

    2. Your organization …

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    Please finish the lab2 and take picture