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  • 'Provide your answers in HARDCOPY, typewritten in 12pt font size on ONE side of A4 paper, ONE further sheet of paper may be used for plots

  • 1.5 pages

    Single Spaced

    Topic: Rosalind Franklin contributions to Chemistry, and how she has impacted chemistry as a whole.

  • Poetry Analysis Essay

    750 words

    MLA formatted

    Explain the figurative language (Personification, tone, etc) , and what the meaning behind it. Quote the stanza ex (1,2)

    Since the max is …

  • 1-Define molarity (M)

    2-Define mole fraction (X)

    3-Define mass percent

    4-Define molarity (m)

    5-Expalin how the nature of solute and solvent affects their solubility

    6-Explain …

  • Points covered in info graphic

    -arrangement of particles,
    -force of attraction,
    -motion of particles,
    -change of state with rise in temperature.
    -State Change Process for instance, melting, freezing, …

  • in 300 words + photos if you want

    due in 3 hours max

    Discussion Question:

    Discuss the Chemistry involved in “fireworks’ using the information you learned in this chapter-7.

  • What are some of the physical and chemical properties of Mercury? Mention at least two of each.

  • As shown on the file, half of the the lab work has already been done. All I need is the calculations, total of 4 questions. Please help me. thank you

  • You must choose a topic in modern chemistry for your term paper. See suggested topics you can pick from in the Discussions Section of Canvas. Each student will write a 3 to 4-page term …

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  • 1-Describe what vapor pressure is

    2-Explain why the vapor pressure depends on the temperature

    3-Find the mathematical equation that relates vapor pressure with the temperature

    4-Define what is …

  • 530 questions due by the third of


  • respond one:

    Charles's Law states that the volume of a given mass of gas varies directly with the absolute temperature of the gas when pressure is kept constant. The absolute temperature is …

  • — i need help for now please due in 2 hours

    it’s a discussion question about two question that are posted here

    each question should be around 400 words

  • Choose topic to write 5 pages essay include the cover page and reference page. Your paper should be written according to the APA guidelines. Please see link: …