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  • A/B and multivariate testing is an important part of determining what helps to drive conversions on a Web site.

    Case studies: A/B and Multivariate testing

    For this assignment, review three to …

  • Write a 2-page summary in which you describe what you observe about the financial ratios for APPLE company (double spaced). And you can also discuss the most interesting and relevant …

  • Draft a Request for a Letter of Verification.

    Select a professional who you know and have worked with. The person should be able to verify your knowledge, skills, and abilities while in their …

  • What is Apr?

  • Excel File with Optimization Models 1-4 each clearly labeled in a separate tab. Please make sure that all decision variables, objective function values, and constraints are clearly labeled and …

  • Billings Company has the following information available forSeptember 2017.

  • two pages, only answer the question 3

    all the information from the case and excel data

    need it until tomorrow 10 am

  • 4-5 pages

  • 4-5 pages

  • Provide two (2) examples that demonstrate an increase or change in your own theories of global business management since the beginning of this course.

    Rate the three (3) most …

  • Include at least 250 words in your reply. Indicate at least one source or reference in your original post. You can use your textbook or current research articles.

  • Investigate the Internet of Things (IoT). Select one example and describe what it is and how it works.


    1. Write your findings in a 1-2 page report in APA format.
    2. Be sure to …

  • Business Ethics

    Milton Friedman – What is America?

    Please watch:

    Critical Thinking skill:

    Write a summary of the lecture.

    Answer the following questions:

    1. What ethical considerations …

  • Complete Part 1 of the Strategic Management Case Analysis.

  • Phase # 3 - Project Plan

    Develop and write a 2-3-page plan based on Phase III of your project. You should include all the necessary information that is asked for and you should support all your …

  • Phase III - Plan for Integration into Museum Exhibit

    Explore YW images and other content to tell a visual story focused on a particular theme or concept.

    How can the YW create a presentation or plan …

  • 10 sentence on the question below

    What do you see as the major economic challenges facing our society today and, in particular your generation?