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  • please see the attached file for instructions 500 words

  • Use Images Attached

    In a 2-3-page APA formatted paper with an additional reference page (template here), analyze the strategic use of perceptual visual communication:

    1. Analyze how specific …

  • What is?

  • Topic- Homelessness

    1) Tell us in a couple of sentences why you chose this topic.

    2) You will need 3 academic references, in addition to our book. 3 of sources need to be articles from …

  • Assignment for Module 3:

    Find a contemporary example of a building that uses a grid, or matrix, to organize its façade and/or internal spaces. How would you explain the grid? Do you think the …

  • Identify one of your favorite passages in Petrarch's poems and explain why you like it. Using the definition of "humanism" in this module, explain why you think Petrach’s poems are considered …

  • Discussion:

    Brunelleschi used regular grids of squares to organize many of his buildings. Find a more modern building that also uses a grid or matrix to organize its plan, elevation, or section. …

  • Therapeutic and Forensic Roles




    In psychology, the coexistence of a therapeutic and a forensic role has refocused attention on the ethicality of the …

  • 1)Papers should be at least 1 page, single-spaced and contain at minimum three sources in APA style.

    2)example attached

    job: copywriter

    location: USA

  • The report must pertain to a recently developed metallic material or process. what is it, how it works.

    1 page and half double space.

    due after 11 hours.

    1. An Executive Summary
    2. An overview of the company/setting or problem addressed in your case [Ray]

    The case consists of a European multi-family office deciding whether to invest in private equity …

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  • Discuss ideas from Understanding Comics – What did you learn? Your goal in this paper is to discuss at least 3 concepts from Understanding Comics that you found useful / interesting, for example how …

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  • Understanding comics -1000 WORDS

    Discuss ideas from Understanding comics- What did you learn? Your goal in this paper is to discuss at least 3 concepts from Understanding Comics that you found …

  • Briefly explain Spoofing.

    - Explain two ways to address spoofing (Example:Developer was to address Spoofing..)

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    5 pages

    the company is SEPHORA