You need to begin negotiating the contracts with the individual teams (answer attached)

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Part 1:




Deliverable length: 1,000-1,250 words


You need to begin negotiating the contracts with the individual teams from each country using the strategy that you outlined earlier.


    What sort of negotiating model would work with each group?

    What mistakes do you need to avoid?

    What if conflicts come up? How would you overcome them?

    What are the intercultural components that you would use for each group?


Before you begin the negotiations, you realize that you need to develop relationships with the people involved and make sure that you are negotiating with the decision makers.


    Why is this important?

    What will you do to develop relationships?


Part 2:




I need to add 3 slides to the last PPT that you made addressing the following.

Additionally, address the following in your slides:


    Create recommendations on developing intergroup responsibilities that will reduce the potential for conflict and encourage intergroup collaboration.

    Discuss the implications of your recommendations on organizational structure and culture.


By the way you did a great job and I got an A. Thank you. This will be the last assignment till the first week of January. Then we start all over again. Please let me know.



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