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Submitted by casely on Thu, 2013-02-28 22:25
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You have $10,000 in a savings account. You want to take most of the money out and invest in stocks...

You have $10,000 in a savings account. You want to take most of the money out and invest in stocks and bonds. You decide to invest nine times as much as you leave in the account. You also decide to invest five times as much in stocks as in bonds. How much will you invest in stocks, how much in bonds, how much will you leave in savings? Define your variables write 3 equations with 3 unknowns. solve.

Submitted by mathsexpert on Fri, 2013-03-01 03:24
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xxxxx he xxxxxxx xx xxxxx = x , xx in xxxxx x x xx& in saving = x

      xx     x x y x x = 10000   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx (1)

xx   xx xx   xx xxxxx x bonds x 9 xxxxx xx saving

xx     xx xx xxx + y x 9z xxx x + y x 9z = 0   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   (2)

xx xx xx xxxxx x 5 xxxxx bonds  , x x 5y  , x x 5y + xxx = 0 xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxx xx xxx

xx    x x x + x = 10000 xx ----------------- xx xxx

      x + y - 9z = x xx xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   xxx

xx xx xx x - xx x 0.z x x  ------------------- xx (3)

subt. (1)  - (2) x xxx + xx x 10000

xx xx     xx     xx         xx xx   xxxxx = xxxxx xxx  z = 10000/10 x 1000

   put z = xxxx xx xxxxx

  xx xxx x y - 9000 x 0

    x x x x 9000   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx   (4)

xx  x x 5y x x xx xx xx   -------------------   (3)

  xxxxxxx xxxxx - xxx

xx xx xxx x 5y = xxxx   x xxxx x 9000 xxx xx x x 9000/6 = xxxx

xx xx put y = 1500 & z = xxxx xx xxx

xx xx x + 1500 x xxxx x xxxxx xx xx , xxx + 2500 = 10000   , x x xxxxx - xxxx x 7500

  ans.  in bonds x xxxxx xxx in stock xxx xxxxx xxx xx saving = $1000

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